Safety and security

Internet of Things benefits to area of personal safety and security, helps to protect people, animals or things by permanent monitoring of vital processes. Battery operated devices with long battery life can observe important physical quantities and statuses in a places, where no fixed power and communication infrastructures are available.

Our RFID readers can supervise stuffs activity in particular location and can be used in areas such as facility management, social and health care, security facility guarding and many others. RFID reader can be extended by SOS buttons with man down feature which is especially suitable for elderly house/service facilities.

A security gateway is our next product in the area of Safety and Security systems and it’s capable to connect with different kind of other sensors, such as PIR motion detectors, magnetic door contact, and water leakage sensor. This scenario is suitable for small house/flat or weekend house residents thanks to good price/quality ratio and very good performance.

Measurement of environmental quantities such as temperature, relative air humidity and CO2 can help keeping high quality of air in indoor rooms such as public buildings, schools or hospitals. When limit values are achieved, alarm message is sent to inform responsible person about the status which require certain measures to be done for better quality of environment achievement.

Our one of the most successful project – legionella prevention – uses just very accurate temperature measurement on water distribution pipes. This is very good example of IoT usage just with simple task as temperature measurement is.