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Comapny profile

  • Solidus Tech was founded 2012 as continuation of business activities of ERICSSON
  • Between 2012 and 2015 ST focused on enterprise telecommunication projects only – dispatcher communication for heavy industry and black coal mines
  • Since mid of 2015 jumped into slowly running train bringing LPWAN IoT solution to first B2B customers
  • In the end of 2016 we proudly announced very comprehensive portfolio of different devices / sensors based on LoRaWAN and Sigfox network
  • Since 2018 we swapped our portfolio to NBIoT and renewed GSM 2G projects
  • Today we are device maker with 15+ employees and production aprox. 700 to 800 devices a month

Portfolio overview

  • Smart agriculture
  • Facility management
  • Smart meeting

Smart agriculture

  • Hude portfolio of various devices
  • Outdoor grade products
  • Only best quality EU/US electronic components used
  • Close cooperation with agricultural experts
  • Combining know-how between real world needs and IoT possibilities
  • Thousand of smart agricultural devices in the air

What sensor's data we can provide...

  • Air temperature
  • Soil temperature
  • Air relative humidity
  • Air pressure
  • Soil moisture (Watermark sensors)
  • Soil salinity
  • Leaf moisture
  • Gust of wind
  • Wind average speed
  • Wind direction
  • Multiple temperature measurement – temperature profile of corn in sile
  • Sun radiation

What sensor's data we can provide...

  • Application example

Smart agriculture ... in a field

How IoT helps to agriculture

  • Weather forecast
  • Fertilization planning
  • Spray planing and savings
  • Irrigation optimization
  • Harvest protection against damages caused by mold or rodent
  • Soil protection against acidity caused by fertilization
  • Yield increase
  • Quite clearly calculable ROI – savings vs. costs of sensors and application 

Facility management

  • Simple work attendance system based on RFID identification
  • Cleaning ladies management
  • Roof leakage and insulation condition detection
  • Legionella (water bacteria) prevention
  • Air condition performance monitoring
  • Solar panel performance monitoring

RFID reader

  • GSM/NBIoT/Sigfox/LoRaWAN available
  • 4 buttons – many stories behind
  • Battery operated (except of GSM), easy to install
  • Basic version supports MiFARE 13.56MHz standard
  • Enhanced version ELATEC RFID head integrated with support up to 60 different RFID standards
  • Battery lifetime around 2 years @10 transmissions a day
  • Around 1000 devices in the air
  • Different modifications available e.g. integration with SOS buttons
  • Front panel can be customized – different icons/button signs etc.
  • SOS buttons integrated both wearable/wall

Roof leakage detection

  • Unique solution taylor made for ILD group (International Leakage Detection)
  • Solution accepted by SIKA Deutschland and aprox. 1600 architects worldwide – should be designed as integrated part of new buildings
  • Solidus Tech developed special technique for different status measurement on a vapor and insulation material
  • Comprehensive portfolio for leakage detection of roofs, terraces and building insulation created including application
  • First introduction in BAU 2019 in München
  • Worlwide deployment (Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, USA, Japan)
  • Test batches based on Sigfox and LoRaWAN, new production NBIoT (USA, D, A) and LTE-M coming soon

Roof leakage detection ... what users can see

Legionella prevention

  • Taylor made solution for Dutch partner EOCE
  • Simple precise temperature measurement on pipes – fundamental approach to fight legionella presence
  • Integration with GROHE automated taps as add on system
  • Integration with SANELA automated taps on protocol level
  • Active approach to keep water in motion – sanitary flush system
  • On-line reporting of temperatures, critical parameters, sanitary flush providing … monthly report generated in pdf as an evidence of measures for legionella prevention
  • Customers: hospitals, schools, hotels, public buildings, eledery houses….
  • Available on Sigfox, LoRaWAN and NBIoT, LTE-M coming soon

Legionella prevention ... by our partner's words

Legionella prevention ... what users can see

Air condition monitoring

  • Differential pressure sensor implementation
  • Very accurate pressure on input and output pipe measurement (125Pa or 500Pa versions)
  • Suitable for air condition filter throughput monitoring
  • Service and maintenance costs reduction
  • Right performance of an air condition = running cost reduction, significant savings
  • Calculated ROI around 6 months
  • Over 500 devices installed in Finland since 3/2019
  • Fast growing project
  • Available on LoRaWAN, based on request can be available on GSM, NBIoT and LTE-M

Air condition monitoring

  • Monitoring based on temperature measurement
  • Available on LoRaWAN, based on request can be available on GSM, NBIoT and LTE-M

Received by Bernd Sitzmann (customer, Energiezukunft Schweiz):
„I just install your devices at a solar water heaters.  In this way we found already 3 from 6 SWH are not working even plumper get paid for yearly maintemance. One heats even the roof during night.
The (roof heating) SWH are financial supported by the City.
So LoRa temperature devices are very helpful to detect problems at SWH.
Just for your information.“

Smart metering

  • Smart metering = nice starting point to IoT, simple and cheap solution = huge competition, low margins
  • Water meter flow counting
  • Eletric meter pulse detection S0/LED or IR ModBUS readout
  • Gas meter reed contact pulse counting
  • Solidus Tech focuses on solutions for most spread water meters – Sensus, iTron, ENBRA and industry water meters MAINECKE, Sensus
  • Both optical and inductive principles of pulse detection for water meters developed internaly by us
  • Portfolio covers GSM 2G, Sigfox, LoRaWAN, NBIoT communication technologies, LTE-M coming soon
  • Matured product portfolio in smart metering

We have even more products ...

Ultrasonic distance sensor

Pressure sensor

Distance sensor

Magnetic contact door sensor

What is inside ...

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